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How to Get Good Grades if You Have Too Much Homework

Many students are finding the rigors of today’s academic life too difficult to handle. As classroom size grows there is a shortening of qualified teachers there to offer a more personalized instruction approach to students. This means that fewer students are prepared to simply complete their regular assignments while maintaining good grades. If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few things you can do to keep your grades up:

Develop Long and Short Term Strategies

The first step is to get organized, and by this we mean you should develop both long and short term strategies for tackling your homework assignments. It helps to keep an agenda or planner to help you keep track of your tasks and to help you create weekly and nightly plans to help you stay on top of each assignment.

Start with the Hardest Assignments

When developing your weekly and nightly plans it’s a good idea to schedule the harder assignments first. You may want to spread especially long assignments throughout the week so that you never feel overwhelmed on any given night. You can essentially turn a five page term paper that would take you five hours to complete into a relatively easy assignment you work on for one hour each evening.

Stick to Your Planned Schedule

Be sure you stick to your weekly and nightly plans. If one assignment runs on too long then you should re-evaluate your plan to either schedule more time for it or move onto another assignment that you need to work on. You may have trouble juggling your homework at first, but it’s important to get into a routine that keeps you on schedule.

Take Better Notes and Review Them

The better the notes you take in class the more prepared you will be to understand your work and be able to get through the necessary tasks. It’s a great idea to spend several minutes reviewing those notes before you get started. When you do this you change the thought processes of your brain, triggering it to switch to academic work mode. Make this a habit and you’ll be able to get your work done faster.

Take Scheduled Breaks to Reenergize

As part of your nightly plan you should have several breaks scheduled throughout to help you rest up and reenergize. This practice should help you refocus so that you can come back to your work with a far more critical and efficient mindset. You should plan on taking at least one short break each hour.

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