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25 Unique Literary Essay Topics For High School Students

Are you interested in finding out some literary essay topics for your high school students, but have no idea where to get such topics? Taking the time to locate high quality titles that are creative will allow the high school students to get enthusiastic about their projects. With that thought in mind, here are 25 literary essay topics that you should take a look at for consideration:

  1. Compare and contrast the characters of a book of their choice
  2. Name the favorite character of a book, and mention why they like them
  3. Choose the favorite chapter of a book, and mention why it is the best one
  4. Select two books and describe the similarities between them
  5. Explain why the length of a book is not directly related to its quality
  6. Mention why the quality of a book depends on the author as much as the story
  7. The top 3 authors in the horror genre
  8. Why some books make for better movies than others
  9. What is your favorite author of all time and why
  10. What is your favorite book of all time and why
  11. What is your favorite literary character and why
  12. Why are some books more difficult to read than others
  13. Select an author and name their top 3 books
  14. Why have the Harry Potter books become such a big hit
  15. Why are some books more interesting than others
  16. How important is it to captivate the reader with a good quality opening chapter
  17. What is your favorite genre of book and why?
  18. What genre of books makes for better movies?
  19. Pick two detective novels and compare the similarities between them
  20. Choose two horror books and examine why they are scary
  21. Should some books have a minimum age just like movies do?
  22. Name 3 books that will be difficult to read for the aver person and why
  23. Name your top 5 books, and state what you like about them
  24. Name your top 5 authors, and why are they so special?
  25. What does it take to write a high quality novel?

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