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22 Interesting Essay Writing Prompts for College Students

College students will be required to write essays either as a test or when making applications. This makes the exercise a competitive one which requires that you produce the best. Having an idea of what to expect or what to write makes your test easier. Here is a list of prompts that dominate college essay writing exercises.

  1. Write about an experience where you failed to achieve what you had targeted. What lessons did you learn from the experience?
  2. Life is about making decisions. In most cases, you have to decide between playing it safe and taking a risk. Narrate a situation where you had such an encounter and justify the step you took.
  3. The most successful human beings are inspired by great artistic works. What poem, song, book, speech, quote, etc inspires you to be who you are?
  4. Give a description of an event that transformed your life for good.
  5. What significance do the four years you will spend in collage have in your life?
  6. With the graduation approach, what are your plans?
  7. Write an essay about your goals after completing college.
  8. We all have that one moment we wish we would change in life. Describe yours and why you would love to change it.
  9. This college has a single opening left for admission. Why do you think you are the most qualified to take it?
  10. What is the one skill or character that sets you apart from everyone else?
  11. Describe one accomplishment you have achieved over the last two years that is not related to academics.
  12. Of the animals in the world, which would you prefer to be and why?
  13. Given a chance to be part of a historic event, which one would you choose and why?
  14. Which is the best advice you ever received and how has it changed your life?
  15. Having been in college for some time now, what advice would you offer to a fresher?
  16. What question did you expect to find on this paper and what answer were you prepared to give?
  17. What has been the effect of the neighborhood you live in on your character?
  18. Which famous movie character do you identify with and why?
  19. If you would read other people mind, what would you do with the powers?
  20. Give a story that captures who you are.
  21. Describe an embarrassing moment in life and what it taught you.
  22. What invention do you think has the most catastrophic impact on the world and why?

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